Hey there, today I want to EMPOWER WOMEN about their family finances. The reason I want to say this specifically to women is because statistically it still is more common for women to give financial control of the household finances, whether that’s the day-to-day or the investment management side, to their husbands. This is such a crucial thing because when I work with women that are going through the divorce process there’s so much fear and anxiety around the financial decisions in that process and a big part of that is because a lot of times, they’re just not aware of what the family finances even are. It’s a huge learning curve, not only that, but when we work with women that have lost their husbands or lost their spouse and they now are left to manage the family finances and it’s something they haven’t done for years and years and years then it’s a much bigger learning curve and a much more emotional experience for them. So today I want to focus on empowering women to BE INVOLVED in the FAMILY FINANCES not just the day-to-day but ask to sit down and regularly look at where your investments are, how much you’re saving into 401K’s and other retirement accounts, or saving towards other goals. If this is not something that you’re already doing, then maybe it’s time to sit down and talk to a financial advisor about ‘what we should we be doing?’ and ‘how should we be doing it?’ Again, this is, sorry guys, this is for the women today. If you’re the husband watching this empower your wife to sit down and have a conversation about finances, don’t be afraid of them, and try not to be too overwhelmed with them. It’s just super crucial that everybody involved in the family has some awareness of the family finances because you never know what could happen and who’s going to have to pick up the pieces and move forward. If you have any questions or you realize that you really don’t have a plan in place and there’s really nobody managing anything, then maybe that’s time to come and give us a call and sit down with us and learn more about what financial planning really is. Give us a call at 832-856-2825.