So, who needs a financial advisor? The short answer is anybody who’s looking for confidence and wants to feel secure in their financial future, and somebody who’s looking to help avoid any mistakes along the way.  We make decisions about finances and how we handle our money every single day, a lot of times without even thinking about it; when you choose to drive through Starbucks instead of having coffee at home, you’re making a financial decision even though that seems very insignificant.  We also make large financial decisions, which do seem to be more significant, like should I refinance my house should I even purchase a house, or should we rent, all those different things we choose daily sometimes without even thinking about it. When we established Next Step Financial Transitions, we wanted to serve our community, whether you are in a stage of life that you had a bucket of money to invest or not.  In our industry so many financial advisors are pigeonholed and stuck into a situation where to establish a relationship with them you must have dollars that you give them to invest, because that’s how they get paid, so we’re doing things a little bit different. We’ve set up a subscription model, think of it like a gym membership just like you pay a monthly fee to get access to the gym, same thing here you’re paying a monthly fee to gain access to ourselves to help walk with you through life and avoid those mistakes that we talked about earlier. This way we can meet you no matter where you’re at, you get the same level of service from us whether you have $1,000,000 to invest or whether you have $0.00 to invest. We want to meet you exactly where you’re at. If you want to find out more information about that and how that works you can check out our website or you can always give us a call 832-856-2825. We look forward to talking with you.