Hey guys, who likes to build a budget? (Raises Hand) I know I’m weird that way, I do like tracking my budget and knowing where my money is going; maybe that’s why I’m in the profession that I’m in. Today I want to talk about budgeting, hopefully in a little more fun light, today we’re going to talk about spending plan not a budget, a spending plan is a little less restrictive sounding and a little easier to follow. The one line item that I really want to hone in on today, that is often not included in a spending plan, is “fun money”. What is fun money? Fun money is your money that you have on a monthly basis to fill your guilty pleasure, so whether that be an extra drive through run at Starbucks or an extra run through Chick-fil-A, or a movie with my girlfriends, whatever that might be for you. It is what you build in for things that may not be a consistent piece of your budget but give you flexibility. For spouses it is important to each have your own fun money so that you can have that flexibility within your spending plan and some freedom to spend money the way that you want without upsetting your spouse because you’re going outside of the parameters of a budget that you may have set up. Anyways, today that’s what I wanted to focus on ‘build in fun money to your spending’. For more information you can contact us at 832-856-2825.